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Maps Trail Conditions

I have opened an alternate trail to get across Hoyt Brook. So the trail from Rt 135 is open going to Readfield and Mt Vernon. It is all dragged and in good shape. I also took two pallets one in wet hole just the other side of Whitney Rd and the other over on Readfield Bog. As soon as it freezes I will drag to Readfield Bog and Ingham Pond in Mt Vernon. There are a couple of wet spots but if I can drag through them no one should have an issue. Just hope that those that panic don't spin them out and dig holes but life is life. Slow and easy through those wet holes works great and doesn't bust up your sled. The trails should be good for about another week. Enjoy the Riding.

Any questions call Ernie Rice 495-3452.                                                                                  Updated 3/17/18

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