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News letter from Ernest Rice VP

posted Dec 14, 2010, 11:00 AM by Dennis Harris   [ updated Dec 14, 2010, 11:12 AM ]


Not much to report - most of our work has been done.  This past Sunday several of our hard working volunteers tackled one of the last major projects -the ramp off Long Pond going toward Sunset Grill and also connecting to Great Pond. This trail was closed last season by the landowner.  After meeting with the landowner and reviewing what he would like, he allowed the club to open the trail back up. We are hoping to keep this very short section of trail open.  This is a critical trail so hopefully for the 4 to 5 hundred feet everyone can refrain from spinning out.  The alternative isn’t pleasant. Please wait till you hit the lake on either end as this is not the place to show the world how magnificent your sled and skills are. Things were really shaping up: ice was forming, a little snow fell and then came the 4 plus inches of rain (hot water, that is), 54 degrees, and we lost it all. This has become the norm which is sad news for our great outdoor sport.  Cold weather returning though and there is a slight hope of snow.  It’s looking like another season of wet holes - a few more seasons and hopefully we will have those spots eliminated. I know those who work week after week on the trail systems understand the extra effort that is required just to keep up with some of these. Running water doesn’t freeze; no frost equals mud holes. It seems that many think that the track has to be spinning to get through, but that just makes matters worse. Since it is a maintained trail, one should assume that just a slow steady throttle will get you to the other side. If a sled hauling a drag gets through, why would one need to spin it out????  If only one person gets the point after reading this, it will have made my day.

We have more great news as we have a couple more business members.  Mike Guarino the owner of Maine Wilderness Tours (Web site attended our last meeting and joined; we are looking forward to a long relationship.  Bob and Laura Richter, owners of Belgrade Lakes Four Season Cottages (Web site are also new members and we look forward to their continued support. Check out their sites and share with everyone who may have an interest.


Ernest Rice VP